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Our move towards living on a boat probably gained momentum 9 years ago, when we moved to Cairns and our boys had grown up and left home. If we were to be serious about this, it was time to make decisions that would lead us here. So we worked our butts off both as employees, in our own businesses and buying, renovating and selling houses.

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Nothing will replace a paper chart. The charm of plotted courses, contemporaneous notes and calculations all make a well-used paper chart a thing of beauty. Saying this, eMaps are a bit easier to handle, zoom in and out, and they look as new now as the day you bought them… 

Say hello, drop in for sundowners or come sail with us: you know where to find us…

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Safety equipment on a sailboat
How-to Articles

Safety equipment on a sailboat

Safety equipment on a sailboat Safety equipment on a sailboat is mandatory. The type of safety equipment you need to carry on your sailboat very

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Arial photo of Marlin Marina Cairns
Marina Reviews

Marlin Marina Cairns

Marlin Marina Cairns in a nutshell… Marlin Marina Cairns offers secure moorings with reasonable facilities and is in walking distance from the town centre…

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